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  1. Vegan Street Fair Experience

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    March 27, 2017 by Virginia

    North Hollywood Los Angeles was crowded with animal lovers this past weekend for the 2017 Annual Vegan Street Fair. It …
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  2. Gray Areas in Veganism


    January 23, 2017 by Virginia

    If you’re new to my blog -Welcome! January is often referred to as VEGANuary to those who have made it …
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  3. Note to Self…

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    December 14, 2016 by Virginia

    Vegans always have to shove their lifestyle in your face! -that’s something I used to think prior to making the …
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  4. Vegan Thanksgiving

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    November 24, 2016 by Virginia

    A few have asked… What’s going to be on my plate this evening? I’ll do a bit better than that …
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  5. Vegan Protein

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    November 7, 2016 by Virginia

      Because the second you tell people you’re vegan, suddenly everyone becomes a Nutritionist.   ~Virginia James

  6. Help the Animals!

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    October 19, 2016 by Virginia

    Doing my part for the animals… All proceeds to the items for sale will be donated to Best Friends Animal …
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  7. Why do we Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows?

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    October 8, 2016 by Virginia

    Melanie Joy, PhD opened my eyes with this question. She did a TED talk on her reasoning behind writing the …
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