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December 14, 2016 by Virginia

Vegans always have to shove their lifestyle in your face! -that’s something I used to think prior to making the transition. But I’ve realized that many who have conformed to a plant-based diet tend to try to keep it quiet. None of them ever really try to force their views into other people’s faces… it’s just that we’re honest about our views when asked about them -and we get asked A LOT. The more we explain ourselves, the more more aggressive people get in trying to tell us we’re in the wrong for eating the way we do or deciding to live this type of lifestyle. It happens often. I think people don’t realize that they’re being aggressive about it until after the fact. They try to be polite, but it comes off as more passive aggressive. ‘oh you don’t eat meat? but how do you live? You must be malnourished-where do you get your protein?’

We plant-based eaters put up with a lot of that every single day. It’s not the diet that’s difficult. Dealing with people who constantly doubt you is the most difficult thing.

Vegans get asked the following questions at least one time per day:

  1. Where do you get your protein?
  2. You don’t even eat fish? what about eggs?
  3. What damage could ONE burger do?
  4. Is it that you ‘can’t’ or that you won’t?
  5. I tried it for like a day, and I almost died of hunger. (okay that’s not a question, but I do get this a lot)

#4 always strikes a chord with me. I’ve been hearing it more often lately -and again, I believe people are just being curious. The trouble is… I shouldn’t HAVE TO explain myself. This is me, these are my options and this is how I am. I’ve been an animal lover since before I could speak. I had been vegetarian, pescetarian, and clean eating off and on since I was in middle school- so naturally, I knew that veganism or a plant-based lifestyle would be the next step. So naturally, I took that step. There’s just so much doubt from others when I made this choice. I just wish people would accept it rather than question it.

I don’t expect people to change their own lifestyles -but what came unexpectedly was this abrupt reaction from everyone around me assuming that I was expecting them to change their lives and plan everything so that it I could be included. Dinner parties for example. I really don’t want anyone to stress over a party or gathering because they don’t know what I can or can’t have. No worries, I always make my own meals ๐Ÿ™‚ and pack snacks – I really don’t mind – I can get pretty crafty and experimental in the kitchen… it’s a piece of cake (sometimes literally!).
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