A Quote by a Non-Vegan

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October 7, 2016 by Virginia

I had to share this simply because I thought this experience may open some eyes.


An apology to the vegan community

Submitted 8 months ago * by bigbadbillyd

First let me preface this post with a few things. I’m not a vegan and currently don’t intend to become one, nor would I consider myself belligerently “pro meat”.

So I used to always make what I felt were harmless jokes about vegans and the community surrounding it. I never had a genuine issue with veganism, so much as the stereotypes its associated with. Recently I decided that I needed to be more proactive about my health and cut my weight/body fat down now while I’m still young (25) to avoid long term issues when I’m older. My wife and I knew the first thing we needed to cut down on was the amount of meat we took in. After all, one chicken breast is most of what the body needs in a day for protein…Is there really a need for us to have meat with almost every meal? I’m not an Olympic weightlifter trying to make massive gains, just a typical male adult.

So we committed to having vegetarian and/or vegan meals everyday, which has since sort of turned into only one meal containing meat in a day. Today I noticed I happened to eat entirely vegan. With very little effort, my wife and I eat meat only weekly as opposed to daily.

My wife made the mistake of posting our first all vegan meal to facebook, and the feedback was surprising. We got shit on by friends and people we don’t even talk to often…People we hardly see had to take effort to go out of there way to make vegan jokes to people who aren’t even vegan. I had a guy text me asking me if it was some kind of joke that I would even consider cutting animal proteins as a healthy decision.

I get it now. People are so defensive about their own dietary choices that they do what they can to make you feel bad about doing something that requires a little discipline and ambition.

So to you, the vegans of the world. My bad. Sorry for joining in on the noise. Its only fun until you have to deal with it constantly.

Tl;Dr My wife posted a vegan meal we tried (as non vegans) and got shit on by everyone for doing it. Sorry for teasing you all the time.


Thanks everyone for being kind, encouraging, and understanding.


Much Love,

~Virginia James





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