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June 16, 2016 by Virginia

I have stated in a previous post (that has since been updated), that I hate spending money on meal/workout plans. Most professional fitness ‘trainers’ who release these types of programs are really just out for your money and trying to get you to constantly spend. Many of their meal plans are extremely harmful to the body as they contain animal products. Some claim to have a vegan program.. yet they include items such as tuna and eggs. -It makes me wonder if they understand what being vegan means.

Anyway, there is one program I have been interested in for a while. I’m talking about the Tone It Up girls, who have posted many workouts online, in magazines, and have created a yearly program called the Bikini Series.

It is an 8 week program to get you bikini ready for the summer, and while it just ended, I decided to start that just to check it out. In order to get the full meal plan, I had to shovel over a hundred dollars for the membership to join-which at first I was hesitant to do… But I didn’t realize that in doing so, I have full access to all of their future and past programs -not bad.

This past monday, I started week 1 of the bikini series for 2016, and boy am I impressed so far. Here’s the preview of what I’ve noticed so far:

  • Meal Plan – they have Vegan, Vegetarian  and Gluten free options; Each one has its own ebook download. I selected the Vegan one and there’s no egg or fish in it. These girls seem to know what they’re talking about in regards to nutrition! There is a grocery list that you can download for each week so that you know exactly what you need and what meals to prep on what days.
  • Workout Schedule– no rest days? Okay, there may be a couple, but it definitely doesn’t take away from the intensity of the workouts: At least 1 morning workout and evening cardio or easy walk every day… and this is on top of the ‘booty calls’.
  • Booty Calls– A booty call is what the TIU girls refer to as a quick workout to add to your day. This can be done first thing in the morning, in the evening, in the middle of the day… literally any time, and the workout could be pretty much anything so long as you’re moving. What’s my booty call? Since I work in an office building, I’ve decided to do at least 30 flights of stairs per day (i usually do 10).
  • eBooks/Materials– upon joining, you get this 8 week journal which is great for making sure you’re keeping track. The ebooks are great, but I think it would be nice to have them in physical form as I like writing notes in here and there -you could always have it printed… but who wants to spend more money? 🙂 am I right? The workout videos are fairly easy to follow, but if you try to download any of them -beware: they take forever to download!

I’ll be posting weekly updates at the end of every week to share my progress. After I finish the program, I’ll give you my full opinion as to what I liked or disliked about it, whether or not I recommend it -and I’ll even share some tips to keep yourself motivated!

are you at #TIUgirl? let me know!

Much Love,




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