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June 2, 2016 by Virginia

I’m not the type of vegan that would purposely make others feel uncomfortable for eating what they want… so why do they feel they must make me feel uncomfortable for choosing this lifestyle?

I used to hate the word ‘vegan’ …The fact that omnivores often call vegans egocentric, flamboyant and ‘holier than thou’ is a horrible practice that needs to stop. They poke fun at us because they say we announce that we are Vegan 24/7. For this reason, I have avoided saying the V-word for as long as I can. Almost half a year… and my closest relatives only recently found out about it… some friends and co-workers still have no clue.

The fact is that many vegans I know personally don’t even mention it unless asked. I’m the same. In fact, there are many people I speak with on a daily basis that still don’t even know that I’m vegan. The subject just never came up, and that’s totally fine. You know why? Because when you’re vegan, it’s not about ego, it’s about eco. -that’s a saying that many vegans and plant based lifers go by.

I used to think the same about vegans …until I became one myself. I used to think vegans were modern-aged hippies who constantly protest in the streets, toss red paint on fur-toting individuals, and constantly got in your face to yell at you anytime you’d take a bite out of a burger. But in reality, those vegans seldom exist. Many just keep to themselves. So what’s with all of the negative views on the ‘V’ word?Β I realized that meat eaters (including myself back in the day) tend to feel a bit offended by the thought of someone doing something morally correct to the point where they feel guilty. This guilt is then masked by defensive treatment. This is true for most meat eaters including my former self.

But hope is not lost… you can quickly sift through people and realize which care more for you and your cause after noting how they each react to your lifestyle change. My brother, for instance, has always been a meat eater. Even when I would go vegetarian on and off for the past decade, he was always supportive. He has even brought foods to family gatherings and potlucks that my boyfriend and IΒ could eat, which is awesome of him, considering no one else really would. He is a great brother and I have his full support.

I’m here to rip that bandaid out -I’ll be posting a link to this post on every type of social media I’m connected to. I’m not doing this because I feel that I need to rub it in other people’s faces, nor because it will make me feel better about myself. I’m doing this because I know the numbers are growing -veganism is reaching higher levels throughout the globe, and many are afraid to say it. I’m here to tell you to be humble, yet proud. Not only are you bringing numbers of animal deaths down (supply&demand), but you are spreading the message of good health and compassion towards all living things. Take those blindfolds off and show others who are afraid to embrace this that it’s okay. We might be getting made fun of, but we know ours is the message of liberation, love, and health.

That being said… just for fun, I have filled out a survey below regarding my lifestyle. If you share my thoughts on compassion, copy/paste this onto your blog and fill in your own answers. I’m not asking for any follows or for you to like this post. I merely ask that you fill this out yourselves to spread the message of compassion around πŸ™‚



Vegan/Vegetarian Survey

  • 1-I am a: Female/Woman
  • 2-My age is: 28
  • 3-I live in: Southern California/OC
  • 4-I am a: Vegan/Plant Based
  • 5-If you are a Vegetarian, do you include eggs/milk?: NO WAY
  • 6-How long have you been veg?: newly vegan about 6 months ago.
  • 7-If you have been a combination of Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan, please fill in the number of years: prior to vegan, i was vegetarian off and on for about 10 years.
  • 8-If you are a Vegan, do you eat honey: no
  • 9-If you are a Live Vegan, do you use a dehydrator: no
  • 10-Do you have a family member(s) who is Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan: Do spouses count? my boyfriend is vegan
  • 11-Were you raised in a Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan household: no
  • 12-Do you eat soy products (tofu, tempeh, natto, miso, etc): I limit myself only to tempeh
  • 13-Do you follow Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan blogs, websites, videos: I do!
  • 14-How many Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan food preparation books do you own?: not many, I usually experiment in the kitchen and discover my own creations.
  • 15-Who is your favorite Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan famous person?: I’m a fan of Sorsha on youtube, and Vegan Gains.
  • 16-What is your favorite source of protein?: Pumpkin seeds and lentils.
  • 17-At what age did you become a Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan?: Vegetarian towards ending of my high school years.. vegan just this year
  • 18-What are your three favorite vegetables?: Asparagus, potatoes and broccoli
  • 19-What are your three favorite fruits?: mango, strawberries and oranges.
  • 20-If you eat out, where do you eat and what do you order?: I can eat anywhere salads are available (which is literally anywhere), but I’d prefer going to The Loving Hut… and making food at home as well.
  • 21-What is your favorite kitchen tool?: the blender!
  • 22-If you were to make a sandwich right now, what would it be?: lentil patty with vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, nooch, and sriracha sauce.
  • 23-Do you make and/or buy nut milks?: buy: almond, chashew and hazelnut milk.
  • 24-Do you eat fermented foods?: only one…
  • 25-What is your favorite fermented food?: ^ Kombucha -everything else, I eat in its natural state.
  • 26-Do you compost?: as often as I can
  • 27-Favorite food from childhood?: pizza/Pasta
  • 28-Favorite herb to add to foods?: Oregano
  • 29-Favorite food preparation book?: none- I get most recipes online or create my own.
  • 30-Name the grocery store you shop at the most (spend the most money at): Sprouts
  • 31-Organic or Conventional?: whatever is cheaper atm.
  • 32-Do you eat potatoes?: addicted to them!
  • 33-Do you have food allergies?: does lactose intolerance count? -if so, then yes.
  • 34-If you have children (or had; or grandchildren), are you raising them to be Vegetarian (or Vegan and/or Live Vegan)?: dont have any, but I would if I did!
  • 35-When you are sick, what do you eat?: Veggie soup, and I drink lots of fresh apple juice
  • 36-What kind of water do you drink?: I usually infuse it with lime slices and mint leaves
  • 37-Favorite type of cookie?: super soft banana chocolate chip vegan cookies! (I get them at Sprouts)
  • 38-Favorite soda?: I usually just limit myself to carbonated water.
  • 39-Do you plan your meals?: I used to, but these days I just cook using whatever I have in the kitchen.
  • 40-How often do you fast?: I don’t
  • 41-Do you eat oatmeal?: yes, I do!
  • 42-Whats your favorite breakfast cereal?: I don’t have one.
  • 43-If you could travel any place in the world, where would you go and what would you eat?: Would love to go to italy, and get some fresh vegan pizzas there… or Spain!
  • 44-Favorite snack food?: Midjool Dates
  • 45-Which do you use: soy sauce, miso, tamari, Bragg’s aminos, none, other?: none.
  • 46-Do you ever consider eating meat, foul or fish?: ew, no way!
  • 47-What is your least favorite vegetable?: Radish
  • 48-What is your least favorite fruit?: …I don’t think I have one that I don’t like…
  • 49-What is your favorite dish to make and bring to a potluck?: Curried Lentils with Rice -it’s always a hit!
  • 50-What do you drink the most of during the day (water, tea, soda, juice, other)?: Mostly water, but coffee and tea come in second.
  • 51-What is your β€˜stand-by’ food? The food you always rely on when you can’t think of anything else to eat?: rice and veggies.
  • 52-Your favorite store bought, pre-packaged food?: oreos (yes, they’re vegan in the US)
  • 53-What food or ingredient do you never skimp on? The one you never mind spending the extra money on?: Nutritional Yeast!
  • 54-Favorite pizza topping?: Spinach and mushrooms
  • 55-Favorite salad dressing?: Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • 56-Favorite bread?: ezekiel
  • 57-Favorite soup?: Butternut squash
  • 58-Do you exercise?: I try to, every day.
  • 59-What kind of exercise do you do?: cardio and weight lifting.
  • 60-Meal you eat the most of (tend to make more often than anything else)?: Burritos and pizza
  • 61-Do you eat superfoods?: of course!
  • 62-Do you shop at farmer’s markets?: as often as I can
  • 63-Favorite Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan quote (that reflects your thoughts on your diet): It’s not about ego it’s about eco.
  • 64-Assign a number – 1 through 5 (1 = low) – for the reason you are a Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan:
    • Animal rights -5
    • Better health -5
    • Environment -4
    • Food security -4
  • 65-Assign a number – 1 through 5 (1 – low) – for which of these would most encourage you to return to eating meat?
    • Improved animal welfare conditions (free range, grass fed, cage free). -1, because slaughter is slaughter- it will never be humane.
    • Tougher regulation of meat product quality (hormone and/or antibiotic content). -1, again… a life is still lost.
    • Stronger emphasis on environmental sustainability / food security. -1, same as above^^
    • Accountability of meat industry for its actions. -1, same as above^^
    • Advertisements containing the benefits of a diet containing meat. -1, same as above^^
  • 66-Why did you choose to become a Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan?: several reasons, but mostly because I’m an animal lover.
  • 67-Do you eat chocolate, and if so, what kind?: dark chocolate only
  • 68-What is your favorite ethnic food?: indian and italian
  • 69-Have you ever had (or do you have) an eating disorder?: nope. never.
  • 70-Did you research about being a Vegetarian, Vegan and/or Live Vegan before you made this decision?: I did.

Much Love,







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