Geek Gym: Buffy The Vampire Slayer


May 3, 2016 by Virginia

One of my all-time favorite shows (that I still watch today) is Buffy the Vampire Slayer –Yes, I even enjoy that extremely horrible, super cheesy 1992 film! 

Whether you enjoy Kristy Swanson in the role or Sarah Michelle Gellar, there is one thing you can’t dispute… Buffy kicks some serious ass! …so why not try out a workout that tends to the needs of a kickass female superhero?!

Checkout the workout and have fun with it! Play some 90s dance music to get into the swing of it and keep these moves 🙂


Character profile

  • Name: Buffy Summers
  • First Appearance: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (film, 1992) Portrayed by Kristy Swanson. Also seen in Buffy Series (1997-2003) portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Video games and comics (recurring).
  • Profession: Slayer, The Chosen One, DoubleMeat Palace Cashier, Waitress, etc.
  • Strengths: Super-human Strength and senses, including ability to sense vampires, martial arts, good with weapons, and prophetic dreams
  • Weaknesses: Loneliness, and struggle to be wholly human (-or at least kinda normal)


So, what does Buffy Summers do to keep herself lean and mean? According to this, lots of punching and kicking! All body-weight exercises that will be sure to get your blood flowing. Here’s her routine! Let’s get started!

Complete anywhere from 3-7 sets

(Beginners: let’s be safe and start out with 3)

  • High Knees -20 reps
  • Turning Kicks -20 reps
  • Side-Leg Raises – 20 reps
  • Punches -40 reps
  • Lunge Punches -20 reps
  • Backfists -40 reps
  • Crunch Kicks -10 reps
  • Bridges -10 reps
  • Sit-up Punches -10 reps

Again, to start out, try doing 3 sets of each exercise (at least!), then work yourself up to 7 if you feel it is too easy 🙂


This workout is a Neila Rey workout- she has really inspired me to exercise more often lately. Cheers to her! 🙂


Check back to this blog for other geek workouts  coming soon!


[UPDATE: I’d like to thank my fellow Redditors for checking out this post and giving some awesome suggestions and support! Thanks!]


Much Love,




2 thoughts on “Geek Gym: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

  1. Tonya Brown says:

    Hi! I love this and need the Buffy inspiration! When you say 10 reps for kicks, is it 10 per leg, or 10 total (5 per leg)


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