Barbell Gal Combo Workout

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April 26, 2016 by Virginia

pin up barbellI thought today I’d change it up a bit. I’m used to keeping Cardio exercises away from my evening weights routine so that I can focus more on the workout at hand. However, one of the ways to keep your brain sharp is to challenge it. So This workout will consist of switching between a cardio exercise, and weight training!

We’ll need to start with a warm-up. Then complete 2 exercises using weights, and one implementing Cardio. We’ll keep switching it up from there until the end. After it is complete, we’ll have a Cool-Down session which will help to lower your heart rate to a resting rate safely.

a1b7fe5bf8e8a78fa82d49ad8425cf90This workout consists of three sections (not including warm up and cool down). Each section needs to be completed twice in order to get a real burn. If you feel that you cannot complete it twice, try once… and then eventually build it up to two times. Remember, the point of exercising is to stress and tear the muscle tissue so that it repairs itself with more mass and strength, so if it begins to burn -remember- that’s what it’s supposed to do; However, if you feel immense pain, stop immediately and stretch that muscle out.

This works out/strengthens: upper body strength while promoting agility, endurance and cardiovascular health.

Equipment used: Barbell and plates; 2 10-20lb plates. A treadmill (unless you’re walking in place).


Warm Up: 1-3 minutes of walking. Start at 2mph speed and work up to 4.5mph.

If you don’t have a tread mill, walk in place for 1-3 minutes. After each passing minute, raise your knees up one at a time as high as you can, and with faster speed. When people ask me what type of mentality to have while doing these [knee-ups], I always say ‘I basically try to keep my knees up as high as possible -just pretend you’re trying to knee yourself in the face while keeping your back straight- :)’ Complete Warm up before moving to Section I.



Section I: Bicep/Chest+ Cardio 

  • Bicep Curls: Complete 08-12 reps remember to keep elbows glued to your side, and try not to lean your upper body backward or forward when completing this move (think: stiff as a board).

Barbell Curl

  • Barbell Guillotine Press: Complete 08-12 reps. It is important to keep the bar aligned when pressing up, and bringing down. If you need a spotter be sure to get one for safety. 

Barbell Guillotine Bench Press

  • Cardio: Complete 2 minutes of Skater Slide Steps as illustrated here:


Complete at least 2 circuits (up to 5) of Section I before moving to Section II.


Section II: Shoulders + Cardio

  • Barbell Shoulder Press: Complete 08-12 reps. Remember to keep your motions fairly slow -keeping the pacing of your movements as even as possible (don’t speed up!).

Barbell Shoulder Press


  • Barbell Rear Delt Row: Complete 08-12 Reps. Remember to keep your back parallel to the floor. You want to raise the bar towards your chest, not your waist.

Barbell Rear Delt Row

  • Cardio: Jumping Jacks- 40 reps.  if you need to break that into 2 sets of 20, you totally can.

Jumping Jacks

Complete at least 2 circuits (up to 5) of Section II before moving to Section III.

Section III: Back + Cardio

  • Seated Barbell ‘Good Mornings’: Complete 10-12 Reps. Again remember to complete with slower movements. Keep the concentration on your lower-back, and always keep your back as straight as possible while leaning forward.

Barbell Seated Good-morning

  • Cat Stretch: Complete 20 Reps as illustrated here:

Cat Movement

  • Cardio: Complete 2 minutes of Skater Slide Steps as illustrated here:


Complete at least 2 circuits (up to 5) of Section III before moving to the Cool Down.

Cool Down

It is important to ease your heart rate back to a resting pace after your workout. To do this you can either get on your treadmill again -just like in the Warm-up. Or you could lay back and do some yoga stretches. The choice is yours.

On the Treadmill: 3-5 minutes of cooling down requires that you start at the speed where your warm-up ended (4.5mph), and little by little lower the speed. Try and spend at least one full minute on the ending speed (2mph).

Yoga Stretches: Complete up to 5 minutes of any yoga stretches you like. I like doing a combination of upward and downward dog. But the choice is yours, so long as you keep your movements simple and hold those stretches.


That’s it! We’re all done! Phew! This was a long one- but it felt great and got me sweaty and feeling that burn! I hope you enjoyed this as well. 🙂

Questions/comments? You can message me at the bottom of this page HERE, or simply send me a quick email at: Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂


Much Love,




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