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March 9, 2016 by Virginia

Before I get going with this review, I’d like to extend a very special thanks to Tyler Stark (of MyProtein) who has sent me these lovely items 🙂 it was much appreciated!

When it comes to a protein supplements, my favorites are protein cookies/bars and Shakes. Both need to have an adequate amount of proteins and minimal sodium and sugar. I was sent two items from MyProtein: Protein Cookies, and the Hurricane Extreme all-in one meal replacement and protein powder.

So, here’s what I thought:

Protein Cookies

As a baker, I’m actually sort of picky when it comes to buying baked goods. And most protein products tend to have a horrible after-taste and often have way too much sugar. When I opened the box for these cookies, the first thing I noticed was that each cookie was individually wrapped in thick wrapping -which is awesome because it’s important to be able to stuff one of these in my purse and carry around all day for my snack without having it get mashed into crumbs. After opening the package, I noticed a super soft, super moist cookie with white chocolate chips. Yummy!

Flavor: White Chocolate Almond

Ingredients: Milk Protein, Hydrolyzed Gelatine, Glycerine, Vegetable Oil, White Chocolate Chips (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin), Soy Protein, Oat Flour, Sugar, Gum Acacia, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Salt, Sucralose.

Suggested use: Consume as a nutritional snack to increase your daily protein intake. Ideal before and after a workout or any other time of the day.

My thoughts/Reaction:

You’ll never have a softer packaged cookie. There’s no better feeling than one you get when you hold a soft, moist giant cookie in your hand. White chocolate is my favorite (thanks Tyler!), and the taste was definitely on spot. There is a bit of a chalky after taste -but this is common with most protein products. I packed these cookies as a snack and it travels well, and best of all it doesn’t need to be heated up to regain softness (you can heat up if you want a warm cookie, but it isn’t necessary). In other words, I can leave it unwrapped for a good while, and it won’t harden like other cookies would. Also it’s high content of protein definitely beats lots of protein bars you’d find out there.

The only downside to this is that it contains milk, so it isn’t a good pick for those who are lactose intolerant (same goes for the Meal Replacement Below). It also is not vegan-friendly. But I do recommend this cookie to anyone who’s interested in adding some extra protein to their daily routine without having to mix or prep anything. It’s literally a grab-n-go snack and with 37.5g of protein per cookie, how could you go wrong?

Meal Replacement

The only problem I have with meal replacements is that I tend to feel extremely full after having one. Sure that is the point, but I also don’t want to have that heavy feeling for the rest of the day, which some meal replacements may cause. So, when I was asked which product I wanted toHurricane Extreme: Image 01 try from MyProtein, I chose a meal replacement for that reason. I wanted to see if I’d feel any different after consuming it, and wanted to see how it would affect my activity throughout the day. So, here is the info for the product I tried.
Flavor: Strawberry Cream

Ingredients: Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate*, Whey Protein Isolate*, Casein Hydrolysate (Peptopro®)*, Milk Protein Concentrate*), Carbohydrate Blend (Dextrose, Ground Oats, Amylopectin Barley Starch (Vitargo®)), Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®), Wheat Protein, Glutamine Peptides, Cocoa Powder (chocolate flavours only), Beta Alanine, L Leucine, Flavouring (flavoured options only), coloring (Beetroot Red [strawberry flavour only]), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Sweetener (Sucralose®), AAKG, L Glycine, L Histidine. *From Milk

Suggested Use: Add 500ml of water or milk into our shaker (the less liquid the thicker the shake will be). Then add 3 heaped MP large scoops (100g), shake and consume. We recommend 2 servings daily, preferably one in the morning and one post workout . If you workout in the morning take one serving before you workout and one serving 6 hours later. (1 x level MP Plastic Scoop (large) weighs 33g.)

Nutrition Facts:

Per 100g:
Energy: 1209kJ
Energy: 286.3kcal
Protein (as-is): 38.1g
Carbohydrates: 24.9g
Fat: 2.8g

Also provides per 100g:
BCAA: 5g
Creapure®: 5g
Glutamine Peptides: 5g
Beta Alanine: 2g
L Leucine: 2g
AAKG: 1.5g
Glycine: 0.7g
L Histidine: 0.3g



My thoughts/Reaction:

When opening the protein bag, the smell of strawberries was most welcoming. I felt like a little kid opening a christmas gift! I blended with frozen mango in my NutriBullet the first time I tried it. The second time, I had it with plain almond milk and shook it in my blender bottle.

Hurricane Extreme doesn’t feel as heavy as other meal replacements I have tried.  Less than an hour after consuming a full serving (which felt like a lot at first), I was up and moving and full of energy. That was a bit surprising to me considering I’ve always felt that I get full pretty quickly when eating anything; usually after having a typical meal replacement, I’d feel lethargic and slothlike afterwards.This wasn’t the case this time around.

When blending it with frozen fruit, it came out extremely thick (more than if I just used plain milk/water), but tasted sweet -like melted ice cream, which I loved! The texture is super smooth and it didn’t leave any weird after-tastes.

Having it plain in almond milk was just as sweet. I had used only my blender ball/bottle to mix and it actually mixed very easily when adding in one scoop at a time.

It is well-equipped with amino acids, a low GI carbs, and a good amount of protein to boot. However, I felt that one scoop filled me up fairly quickly -to the point where that would have been enough- BUT having 3 scoops at once wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be.

I would recommend not blending it with additional fruits or other ingredients, as it already has everything you need in a meal replacement and adding extras will make it feel heavy.


Final Scores:

Protein Cookie: 9/10

Meal Replacement: 8/10

All great scores! I’ve recently switched to a vegan diet, and noticed you can get quite a few vegan products from MyProtein HERE (I’d love to try!).

All in all, the products received from MyProtein were chocked full of good nutrients, low fat, and high in protein and tasted delicious. Don’t believe me? Give them a try  yourself at MyProtein.com


Much Love,




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