Honest Review: Skinny Bitch (book)

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January 27, 2016 by Virginia

Book Summary:

This book is primarily about vegetarian and vegan dieting, and what justifies it. It tries to be transparent in regards to animal abuse reports, and the conspiracy behind the USDA not following stricter standards in regards to inspections of slaughterhouses. …and, yes, it also talks about diets and foods, and what to do to get and remain thin.

The Good:

I share a lot of values that this books represents -but not ALL of them. There are many simple rules to being thin/fit that the book covers in which I can say I confidently follow. Those being, to eat foods that are in their natural form (not processed), eating more wholesome foods like whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies. All of this is very common sense in terms of clean eating -which i completely approve of and follow on a daily basis. Great! …right?

I love the attitude in terms of the writing. It’s just as the cover describes it ‘A tough love guide for girls…. who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous‘. That’s what the writing felt like. Some may not like it, but I appreciated the fact that it’s blunt, in your face, and brutally honest.

Give up the notion that you can be sedentary and still lose weight. You need to exercise, you lazy shit. ” –Rory Freedman, Skinny Bitch

When the book turns to the subject on animal abuse, it tries to be transparent by citing all of their information with actual research articles and links (this was helpful to me because I read the e-book version, and each article was a click away). So there is truth behind their entire ‘animal abuse’ section. I have always been an ambassador against animal abuse -I LOVE animals, and don’t see them plainly as objects to be farmed, but as creatures with a heart and soul.  This book helped solidify my reasoning in eating clean, and made me feel rather proud about it. 🙂

It also has a section on the types of chemicals we consume that the USDA approves which are not good for you, and can potentially be dangerous, which is another bit of useful information to turn you away from processed foods -furthermore it’s proof that raw, more natural foods are better for you. If you can’t find it in nature -what makes it natural?

The Bad:

Is it possible this book has hidden intentions? – this book seems more like an attempt to scare you out of eating certain meat products (with good intentions), rather than an actual diet book. This, in turn seems misleading. It should have been titled something like ‘A guide to veganism’ but the author straight up admits within the pages of this very book, that the reason behind the book’s title was just to get attention and sell more books. Of course she states this towards the end of the book after you get sucked into the whole ‘why veganism is good for you’ argument… only then do you realize this isn’t actually a diet book -it’s all about becoming vegan. Which would have been fine, it it wasn’t misleading. Don’t get me wrong -I’m all for veganism… but what I (and I think most people) look for in a ‘diet book’, is more of a guide as to what to eat, how often, include meal plans and help you organize scheduling your meals vs. this book which is more informational in a sense that it states ‘eat this, not that’.

metal clamps are attached to the cows’ sensitive udders. The udders become sore and infected. Pus forms but the machines keep milking, sucking the dead white blood cells into the milk…” Rory Freedman, Skinny Bitch

Would I read it again?:

Yes, I probably would. I love hearing all different sides of different lifestyles in terms of diets, and it helps to remind me which chemicals/products have a potential of being dangerous to my health. Would I recommend this to others? sure.

Score out of 10:

I would give this book a score of 8 out of 10 simply because it’s a book that I  will definitely crack open again to remind myself of the potential dangers of an unhealthy diet.


Much Love,



Updated in December 2016.

Note about update: I wrote this review prior to converting fully to veganism, and I am completely mind-blown in regards to my own ignorance. I concluded that I my diet remained a healthy one while eating seafood… but after researching all of the harmful elements in fish that could harm your body and even cause mercury poisoning, I couldn’t help but cringe at some of the things I wrote. I have deleted most of what I didn’t agree with and updated this article to contain my CURRENT views. 


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