Work in an Office? (Yoga Poses)

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January 21, 2016 by Virginia

I do! and I know how hard sitting for long periods of time can be on your body. For this reason, I like to get up during breaks and either go for a walk, or take a trip up the stairs to get some physical activity crammed into my work days. This helps de-stress and energize, making it easier to steer away from any sweet or salty foods co-workers may be offering you. But all this physical activity, and sitting around still takes a toll on my body. What’s the answer? YOGA!

The following article contains videos for the Top 5 yoga poses that will help undo the damage to your body caused by working at a desk job!


Can’t surf the web right now?

Here’s a break down!


Forward Fold


Downward Facing Dog


Cobra Pose


Bow Pose


Sphinx Pose


Hold each pose for 2 full minutes each

Why so long? Holding a pose for less than 2 minutes simply demonstrates your flexibility -it doesn’t help you progress. So, Aim to hold that pose for at very least 2 full minutes. Use a stop-watch (most smartphones have them), or simply face a clock while posing to keep track of your time!

Much Love,




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