Fitness Log 1/20/16 Upper Body + Back

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January 20, 2016 by Virginia

Morning Run:

At 4:40am, I got up and ran for about 12 minutes

Evening Run:

At 5:15pm, I will be completing 10-20 minutes of running.

Upper Body
Complete 2 sets of 20 reps for the following:

  • Elevated Push-Ups (chest) See Proper Form HERE
  • Incline Dumbbell Flyes (chest) See Proper Form HERE
  • Drag Curl (biceps) See Proper Form HERE
  • Seated Tricep Press (triceps) See Proper Form HERE


Complete 3 sets of 10 reps for the following:

  • One-Arm Row (back) See Proper Form HERE
  • Good Mornings (back) See Proper Form HERE


That’s it for today -keeping it nice and simple!

Again as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, that ‘No Pain, No Gain’ thing is a total LIE. If something hurts, stop immediately and stretch it out!

All you should feel is a nice burn in your muscles.

Why do I run twice in the day?

Kicking off your morning with cardio helps amp up your metabolism, wakes you up, gives you energy, and helps your body to burn more calories efficiently throughout the day.. so …why not?

Much Love,




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