Cheat Days

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January 7, 2016 by Virginia


What about cheat days?

First of all… let’s not call it a “cheat”. Not only is that word negative, but it always makes you feel guilty… because it sounds like you’ve done a bad thing. Think up a personal word that best describes one day away from a strict routine… some have used ‘treat day’ instead of ‘cheat day’ which in turn, doesn’t make you feel like you need to punish yourself after treating yourself with a fattening/sweet meal or snack. Others have called it a ‘blur meal’ because it blurs the specifics of your usual diet or meal plan.

Here are other things you can call it:

  • Bubble Day -your ‘treat’ day will be isolated from other days, as though in a bubble
  • Sweet-Tooth Day -if you like your share of desserts
  • Gazette- literally means periodically (I’m having my ‘Gazette’ today)

Make up your own cutesy name 🙂


Everyone’s body is different, and every body responds to foods in a different way. I personally avoid cheat days unless it’s my birthday or christmas. And on both days, I try my hardest not to overindulge.

The reason I avoid ‘cheat’ days is because I have a very addictive personality. When I get a tiny taste of ‘bad food’ that I like… I feel like I’m in constant need of it (that’s why I don’t even touch alcohol).  But overall, it’s pretty easy for me to stay away from bad foods where I won’t get in touch with addiction. If you’re the same way, you should probably think about avoiding cheat days as much as possible, as I do.

For those who feel it is safe to have a ‘cheat’ day -by all means, do so! Just make sure that you have that one day isolated (like once a month, or every two weeks), try to avoid a weekly ‘cheat’ day, and make sure your portions are under control.


Much Love,




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