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January 6, 2016 by Virginia


When it comes to fitness (and diet), there are always certain fads that fool people into believing they work. If anything says it’s a ‘miracle’ product, I guarantee you it won’t work. Don’t give companies your hard earned money over something that isn’t worth your while. Being healthy has, and always will be simple. All you have to do is work on your meals and exercise. That’s really all there is to it -why complicate things? Going through a complex process process will only stress you out and leave you with an empty wallet.

So here are a few things to keep in mind when finding ways to workout on a budget:


  • Workout DVDs: While they can be fun and different, Some programs (such as p90x) could cost quite a bit. Think small: you’ll want to switch up your workouts anyway, so why not spend less on a variety of dvds from target or walmart? check out yard sales, or discount stores -Or even better, search around youtube for FREE workout videos you could follow!


  • Workout Equipment: Here’s what I tend to use in my workouts: Dumbells (8lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs), of course, I like to use a Barbell. for that barbell, i have plates that weigh between 10-45, I have ankle weights that are 4lbs, and 10lbs. I have been fortunate enough to have future parents-in-law who have a small gym in their garage, where  I sometimes workout in the weekends. I also have invested in a treadmill -but don’t worry about overpaying for something like that unless you feel more comfortable running at home. Remember: you can run at the park for free! But when it comes to equipment I keep at home, there are certain things that I’ll need to consider.
    • First, I stay away from major sporting goods stores (big 5, sports authority, etc) because they overcharge for equipment with poor quality. In terms of weight-plates/barbells, I always look for equipment made of metal instead of hard plastic – these are higher in quality, and will last alot longer. Hard plastic tends to crack over time, and often these newer exercise dumbbells/barbells come with texturized or foam coating that starts to peel after a while. Throw that in the trash or better yet, sell it! I learned that lesson after wasting $40 on a barbell a few years ago- what a waste!
    • Secondly, this metal or high quality equipment shouldn’t have to break the bank. Many people use that as an excuse not to workout, ‘gyms cost too much’. I’m here as living proof that you can exercise while on a budget! I like to check out Craigslist or yard sales -you never know when people need to get rid of old stuff! Also, if you have zero money, you can always search -they sometimes have exercise equipment for free! Seriously …most of my equipment is old/used, but still in great condition for everyday -use.


  • Workout Clothing: Okay, so I’ll admit, I love buying new workout clothes. But over the years, i’ve found that so long as your clothing is comfortable to move in, you can literally workout in anything. I’ve worked out in my pajamas, wearing my boyfriend’s shirt, bikini bottoms, and both with/whithout shoes. The idea is that you need to be comfortable in your clothes, and that the clothing is breathable for when you’re sweating. Most of the clothing I workout in is plain old cotton and yoga pants. So don’t stress too much over getting that $50 outfit to sweat in (why spend that much on something that you’re only going to sweat in?), and hit discount stores for regular cotton t shirts and breathable pants -with $50 you could get 3 or more outfits!

Keep all of this in mind, and you can make working out super frugal! You don’t need to pay for a gym membership unless you feel it’s absolutely necessary. Most of the workouts I will post here are either bodyweight exercises or weight training which will include dumbbells, ankle weights and a barbell. Cardio will always be a part of the daily routine.

Much Love,





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